iSpring Suite 8.0

Fully-stocked e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint. No training required to start! suite-box-164x231-1

Perfect Integration with PowerPoint

Supercharged to Develop e-Learning Fast and Easy

Take advantage of the most powerful e-Learning toolkit for PowerPoint to develop quality courses, video lectures and assessments that will work on any desktop, laptop and mobile platform.

Video Presentation Software for PowerPoint

iSpring Presenter 8.0

Turn your message into a video presentation fast and easy right in PowerPoint.

Create Video Presentations in Your PowerPoint

iSpring gives you powerful capabilities to create interactive online presentations.
Right in your PowerPoint. Fast and easy. No training required!

How iSpring Presenter Works

With iSpring Presenter you can rapidly create interactive presentations in PowerPoint, enhance them with rich media, branch viewing scenarios, add polls and surveys, and immediately share them all worldwide.

Add a spokesperson to your slides

The easy-to-use video editor helps you add a presenter video and adjust it to your slides. Use your webcam or import a pre-made video file.

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Energize your presentation

Engage your audience with rich-media content and interactivity.

  • Use video on your slides, including YouTube and Vimeo
  • Insert live, navigable web pages
  • Use PowerPoint animations, hyperlinks and buttons
  • Create polls, surveys, and drag-n-drop quizzes

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 Add YouTube videos to PowerPoint presentations

Share Your Message in One Click!

Easily publish your presentation to portable online formats and share it on YouTube, iSpring Cloud, or SharePoint, put it into an LMS, or just host it on your website or blog.

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Go beyond PowerPoint

iSpring presentation combines your slides and presenter video within a customizable, adaptive player to provide an outstanding user experience that goes far beyond PowerPoint.

Your Own Branding

Add your logo and adjust the player to your corporate style.

Dynamic Layout

Swap slides and presenter video on the fly to emphasize the key points of your message.

Adjustable Controls

Show and hide, change color and language of every control to your preferences.

Custom Player Layout

Choose one of 8 standard layout presets or create your own custom player layout.

Color Schemes

Use one of 16 standard color presets or create your own.

Smart Navigation

Make your video presentation easy to navigate with a timeline, slide panel, etc.

Your Presentation Plays Perfectly on Any Platform

The iSpring adaptive player accurately displays your presentation on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones with any screen size.

Windows PC

Apple Mac

Android Tablet

Free Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android

iSpring Viewer Mobile Apps

iSpring Viewer app allows you and your audience to store your presentations on iPad, iPhone or Android, and view them even on an airplane when there's no Internet connection.